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and hoda kotb, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, so glad you're with us. it's fun day monday. it's cyber monday, november 26th. one more thing i don't get involved with at all. >> a lot of clicking on the computers today. they bought a lot on black friday. >> really black thursday. >> why don't we just do it all year round and stop pretending it's really a holiday. >> exactly. they do have this thing called that someone was talking about if you want to ship gifts and go to, there's a day you can ship for free. >> that's great. it does save an awful lot of money. people are watching their pennies more than ever before. as upsetting as it is watching people in the holiday spirit absolutely stampeding one another in the holiday spirit of love and joy and good will to
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all men, there's the other side of it, which is, like you pointed out this morning, people going through desperate times and want to make sure their children have a nice christmas. it's complicated these days. >> it is, but thanksgiving wasn't. are you still full? >> i didn't overdo it this year. that's the one time of the year, yeah, everybody helped a little bit, but we had 27 people at our house. great to be home, kids are home. any time my kids are home, i'm thrilled. how about you, hoda, you had a house full. >> i want to show you where we spent most of the holidays. right there. look at ella, we were screaming hot dog for no apparent reason over and over. >> ella just jumped up in your lap and cuddles. >> we went to the parade. that's hannah and her daughter
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jade. we were watching the thanksgiving day parade, which was such a trip. >> gorgeous day. >> sun was on us, it was in the mid 50s. this is our thanksgiving table. look, that's how we do it. everybody squeezing around. that's my brother, it was his birthday as well, his wife, and my mom. again, hot dog! for no reason. screaming over and over was the thing. >> what memories you're making. >> it was so great. we had such fun. that's them dressed up as walruses together. we went to radio city, by the way, riveted, riveted. >> it's always a great show. >> ella, being 2 -- >> it's a visual feast. always something to look at. no moment for them to get at all bored. they love their auntie hoda. when you don't have children and it's nothing but nonstop children, it's so joyful but exhausting, isn't it? >> i know it sounds trite, but for a short moment i understood
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what it's like to have two kids. for a minute. my mom's laughing, i know, but the point is, you realize to go take a shower takes time. they are there and you can't just go in the shower, even if you're dying for a shower. then when you're in, auntie hoda, are you coming out? i get it, a little. not a lot. >> and you want a dog? >> yes, i'm getting a dog soon. >> wait till you get that dog and how your life will change. everyone's talking about on lifetime last night at 9:00 sharp, people were watching "liz and dick" about elizabeth taylor and richard burton. i turned it on. this was supposed to be lindsay lohan's comeback. looked a lot like liz taylor. >> i didn't see the show. we're going to show some clips. >> got terrible reviews, just letting you know. here's some clips. >> the great actor richard burton.
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please, has anyone ever told you you're a very pretty girl? >> you know, i had the misfortune of meeting the rudest actress today, who walked away in the middle of my sentence. obviously, incapable of recognizing a shakespearean poise. >> is there anything else i can do for you? >> is that what you thought, another notch on the belt? >> please! >> all the leading ladies except julie andrews, well, if she can resist you, so can i. >> who do you love, me or eddie? >> you. >> a little louder, please, for the room. >> i love you. >> not that i'm counting, but if i'm not mistaken, you've just ended, what, your fourth marriage? >> who's counting? >> it might be a record for the 29 year old.
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>> what am i supposed to do, i love the man, end of story. >> i was hoping better for her. i was really hoping. this is a young woman i've known since she was 12. i don't know her well, obviously, but interviewing her, watching her career. such promise, darling little red-headed freckled girl when she did "parent trap." she played it so beautifully. then we've all sort of watched this meltdown over the years that just breaks your heart. >> yeah. >> any human being having that kind of struggles, i think she's been in rehab six times, arrested six tichls, times, who can keep track? but i think she was truly hoping this was going to be her comeback. what i fear now, hoda, she does not have the emotional or spiritual reserve in her to withstand this kind of devastating reviews. she'll take them personally and not put them in perspective and
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not have a wealth of spirit to draw on and self-strength, you know. she doesn't have that, obviously, because of what she struggles with. somebody has got to get a hold of her and love her back to life. >> it was hard to watch, i got to tell you. you expect a lot, and her co-star in the movie was interviewed by billy bush on access hollywood and talked about how she didn't run through lines with him, did one take, was quite late. some of this is self destructive. >> when you get that shot, you've got to -- people who love her should have stayed around her, made sure she was there on time. what does she pay managers and agents for? make sure she's ready to do the work. she's capable of the work, but you can't have yes people. >> there was not one moment -- >> i'd love to get a yes person. i don't get a yeah or maybe. >> there wasn't one moment in that movie i wasn't reminded that's lindsay lohan.
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there was not a moment you got lost in the movie and thought, oh, my god, i'm feeling it. >> one more quote, one more thing. >> what's going on? oh, don't tell me it's another one of those damn fires. mother? what is going on? >> it's richard. he's dead, hon. oh, my god! elizabeth! [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i feel awful. everyone else is laughing, you just can't see them. i'm sorry, it's a sad scene. like a bag of dirt, like plop. it was weird. okay, anyway. what did you think of it?
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>> i just -- >> sorry, now you're making me feel bad that i laughed. sorry. >> i just -- i just worry for this young girl. somebody was -- our show, "scandalous" got some reviews that were less than thrilling too, until somebody reminded me there's a book called "rotten reviews." you can't believe the reviews les miserables got, wicked, camelot. all kinds of them. you might be in great company. but now i've seen these. i'm worried one day we're all going to read the newspapers or hear a news report and we'll have run out of time to help this girl. >> yeah, yeah. >> that's what i think. somebody help justin too. love our biebster, love his mom, she's coming this week. but she didn't dress him this morning. >> he was meeting the canadian prime minister wearing overalls, a t-shirt, and his hat on backwards.
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>> getting a huge award, diamond jubilee medal. >> it's a big deal. justin is canadian, this is his home turf. question is, why. people on twitter were calling him disrespectful and stuff. justin tweeted this quote, "i met the prime minister in overalls, lol." like isn't it funny. >> prime minister tweeted, in fairness to bieber, i said i'd wear my overalls too. which is a gracious thing to say. >> i guess the prime minister went to the place where justin bieber was going to be performing, is that right that night? went there hours before performance, he came from rehearsal. i still think that you should dress to meet the prime minister. >> he's 19 years old, isn't completely grown up yet. obviously. a young man's brain isn't even formed until it's 22. we'll give him a little leeway
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here. again, you have to trust the people around you to say, justin, this is going to be a big deal. they didn't do it. >> yeah. >> or else it's a complete decline of our civilization. speaking of that -- >> this is a decline of civilization. >> this was sent up, we laughed about it. i don't know, maybe there's one for you too. where's the front? >> other side. >> oh, okay, sorry. i don't easily fold, okay? look at this, this was sent to us from groupon. it's a blanket. and apparently, mine was given to christine, my assistant, and christine gave it back. i want mine. it's got bambino with reindeer ears. >> if you want to order one, not this one, no one would want this one. i think online they have those things called photos on a
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blanket or something like that. >> it would be a fun gift. mine -- is that your favorite thing? >> no, it's not. clearly. mine is almost out, because i love it. it's a joe malone bath gel. it is nectarine, blossom, and honey. it's $50. one squirt and you smell like -- >> thank you, jerry. jerry wants the blanket. >> what's yours? >> mine is something my friend drew hammer gave me. we went to israel this april. we looked down where herad had a palace and there was a stone there exactly like a real heart, and she had just come through a 27-year marriage ending and she felt like she had a heart of stone. that was a reminder to let her heart again become soft and tender towards the world. so she set it up, it's called a charitable foundation, all
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proceeds go to churches around america where ministries help single women in need who have gone through the devastation of divorce. prices start at -- oh, they are expensive. $295, and it is gold and goes to a good cause. >> sara, what do you got? >> decorating my apartment and recently found this amazing blanket. i've been covering up in it all weekend. no, this is actually my favorite thing. it's the gel nail kit, about $79, a gel manicure lasts longer. it's also a little more expensive. this you can do it yourself. i had it on last week, it's amazing. it will save you money in the long run. >> i have a concern about damaging nail beds, i do it on my toes. it lasts like forever. we have a contest winner to announce. >> if you've had a wedding and there's been a problem with it.
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>> my first wedding and your first wedding? >> no, the wedding ceremony. >> sometimes there are wedding problems you have, whether a storm hits or your guests get food poisoning, whatever. anyway, you're getting a chance to do it over. you're getting a trip to bahamas for two. three nights at the resort. pay attention, people, listen. when you say something confidently, people usually don't question it. >> except the people who love you dearly. anyway, go on our website and see if you can win. we told you we'd tell you about this. >> maybe tomorrow. he plays the new mob thriller "killing them softy." >> you know this wise guy. we'll chat with him next.
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new trubiotics. from the makers of one-a-day. okay, he's appeared in more than 60 feature films, has played his share of bad guys, but underneath it all, he's apparently a pussy cat. >> in "killing them softly," ray liotta plays a nice guy who double crossed a shady character and is trying not to get whacked. >> isn't everybody? >> you know they are going to kill ya. you know that, don't ya? that doesn't have to happen. it shouldn't happen to you. just put the gun down. >> oh! hey, ray. >> the producer who saw that said they are going to show the scene of you in the bathtub. what do you mean, the bathtub? it does look like i'm in a bathtub.
2:22 am
>> where were you? >> weren't you in a bathtub? >> no, it was a bar, i was reaching down getting him the money. >> i thought the guy put you in a bathtub. >> wow, maybe that's a good way to sell it. >> fully clothed. if i were going to whack somebody, i'd put them in the bathtub, make the cleanup easier. >> that's true. that's true. >> you're kind of the nicest guy of the bad guys in the show. >> there are no bad guys in it. >> much worse than me. >> tell us about your character. >> i'm a nice guy who runs a poker game, oversees it for the bad guys. i once robbed the poker game, but in a nice way, then it got robbed again and they thought it's me, so the bad guys come after me. but this time it wasn't me. >> in real life, you love to play poker, right, play with
2:23 am
real high-stakes gambler guys. you invited them to be in the scene with you. tell us about what happened. >> we shot it in new orleans. across from the hotel where we stayed there's a haras. i'm not good, i was learning from them and became friends with them because i'm there a lot when i came working. they are being nice, let them be in the movie with me. they are always putting down, oh, it's easy what you do, doesn't look that hard. so it came time for the scene, they came there. as soon as action came, they froze, couldn't say a word. >> deer in the headlights. >> what happened then? >> made me laugh more, so it worked out well, just because they were so scared. >> isn't it funny how these really macho guys, camera, lights, action, camera -- >> you get the tar kicked out of you in a couple of scenes here. >> i do. >> usually you're the one doing the kicking. >> on the giving end. >> that's one of the reasons i like this, aside from the people
2:24 am
i was working with. >> name a few of them. >> brad pitt, andrew domelick, james gandalfini. really good actors. this time i took the beating. >> ever thought about being in a romantic comedy? >> i just played a preacher. >> what was that like for you to be a person of a spiritual -- >> it was great, it was great. i never really read much of the bible, but i started reading it, whoa, mean people. >> real housewives of the old testament. >> unbelievable back then. >> i know. well, ray, always interesting when you come on. happy holidays to you. >> no more teases. >> doesn't like the teases, they are too long. anyway, "killing them softly" opens on november 30th. who is our biggest admirer? we're going to reveal our fan of
2:25 am
the week. then get out the apple cider and put on the christmas music. we're decking the halls with do it yourself decorations. ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪
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we're back with our fan of the week. >> our winner is seprina windrows. she tunes in on wave channel 10. she just recently moved to virginia, when she met her roommate. we're going to send you to st. lucia. you'll enjoy a four-night stay. the trip also includes dinner for two and round-trip airfare for two. the hotel and airfare provided by bay area resort. congratulations to seprina. >> all righty.
2:30 am
our three italian love bugs are going to sing for us. >> we love when they sing. >> first, your local news. >> they are always adorable. out with their second cd.
2:31 am
2:32 am
we are back with more of "today" on this cyber monday. tis the season to shop till you drop. >> you probably hit the stores over the weekend or plan on sitting at your computer taking advantage of cyber sales. >> before you dig yourself in debt, mary hunt is author of "debt proof your christmas," jean is today's financial editor. welcome, ladies. >> thank you. >> this came from a good place. you wanted to make sure your boys had a good christmas. you decided you were going to pull your credit card out and go crazy. tell us what happened? >> it was the worst christmas ever. a week until christmas, hadn't
2:33 am
done enough shopping for my kids and my husband. i had been hiding the bills and it was never enough. >> how long ago was this? >> 20 years ago. >> it's easy with that credit card. you talk about in your book how we ignore christmas 11 months out of the year, then panic we're not prepared. right, jean, that's what happens? >> that's what happens. think about cramming for any sort of a test. the closer you get to it, the more on edge and the worse the decisions are you make. >> you weren't out of your debt like that, it took you 17 years to dig yourself out? >> 12 years to create it, 13 years to get out. it should. have taken that long. had i known then when i know now, it would have made it easier. >> you've gone on to teach so many people how to get out of debt. it's remarkable. >> the book is written in such a friendly way, it's not a financial book you need a degree to understand it. give everybody a few tips.
2:34 am
everybody's facing that right now. >> you have to realize stuff quickly fades, debt goes on forever. if you don't have the cash to pay, you need to find ways you can give gifts. that's what the book is about, it's not about not spending money. if you have a lot of cash, go for it. simple ways, family traditions, kids love to spend time with their family. it's not all about christmas morning. spread christmas out over the whole month, if you can. so many ideas to bring so much joy to your life without going into debt. >> a lot of people watching this probably are in debt and the idea of digging out seems like an endless process. >> it's one step at a time. there's no quick fix, but the really good news is we've got academic research out of places like stanford and yale that show us it is the thought that counts. if you are receiving a gift, you do not care as much as the person who's giving it thinks that you do about what it costs and what you really want is
2:35 am
something that's useful. so you don't have to go and spend crazy money on something lavish if a recipe is useful, a picture means something to you. i know it sounds cliche. >> i think it's more than that. we want people to love us. i'll be honest, i wanted my children to love me and have the best memories and to be the parent of the year and for my friends to think i was wealthy. all of these crazy things. it was about me, wasn't so much about them. >> that's my point. >> i think the best gifts are the ones that are homemade. you don't tie a perceived value in dollars and cents. but if it's a treat from your kitchen you've put in a package or presentation. >> time is a precious commodity. >> it is. i think a gift is more like a messenger. it carries the good will i have for you. if i can tell you through that, hoda, i love you, you have made such a big change in my -- you really have, actually.
2:36 am
>> they've met many years ago. hoda was sweet to you, right? >> total stranger on the streets of new york, ran into you, you were so kind to me. i'll never forget that, hoda. >> that means a lot to me. i don't remember gifts i get, but i'll remember what you said to me. that's how it works. >> that's what the book is about, it's not too late. we've got weeks until christmas. >> five weeks until christmas, which is an awful lot of shopping time. >> the best thing you can do to teach your children something, adopt a family or a home you read about in the newspaper or something like that. maybe have been through the storm this year, make a christmas for someone else. take your children with you to bring it to them. they will never forget that. thank you, ladies. >> thank you both. >> thanks, really appreciate it. another way to save money, making your own decorations. >> get out the glue gun, frank fontana is here.
2:37 am
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time now for today's cat nap for the holidays, decking the halls with christmas projects for the entire family. >> wreaths, christmas decorations, all you need is a drill and help from frank fontana. >> hey, frank. >> how are you? >> minus the glue gun, but we do have a drill. this is perfect for the office holiday party or budding chef in the family. you're going to be making a gifted -- >> we're making something? >> gifted oven mitt, stuff with utensils, get started, got the mitt, utensils. i thought this was appropriate. >> you don't like the ultramodern? >> mine is fine. gray, unattractive one.
2:42 am
>> unattractive? i thought that was a cool color palette. wrap it with a bow, make it fun. do it with the kids. >> challenging too. >> got to put it over here. >> i didn't want it here. thank you very much. >> look how quick and easy, inexpensive, cool gift for someone starting culinary school or moving into a new home. >> i know none of those people. >> you guys are closet martha stewart types, i can tell. >> not me. not me. >> let's move it along. look at your bow, perfect. annoying. >> anal retentive. anal, i said it. >> we're recycling old pop bottles and boxes. wrap it with gift wrap, customize labels, isn't this cute? make your own labels, this is great for an office party. you don't want to spend too much. >> nobody has it to spend, you know what i mean?
2:43 am
>> that's why these projects make sense. let's talk about the tea party. >> you're italian, you go to tea parties? >> i have an english side of my family. we have a wreath decorated with ornaments and clothes pins. >> those are cute. >> got one plus today. adorable clips, tea bags, then a great display for height for holiday cookies. >> that's cute. >> this is an old christmas place mat, get some decor again, these are just plastic clothes pins you can glue on. i didn't use a hot glue gun, but this looks cute, get a holiday tin to serve it up. >> $10 for the whole thing? >> everything on this table is under, like, $50. can't go wrong with it. glasses, ladies. i'm going to do this. i don't want shards to go into your eyes. >> thank you. >> yours look --
2:44 am
>> really hot when i put these on. not that you're not, i'm just saying. this is really cool project, all recycled wood. driftwood from my backyard. i was walking one day and found this awesome piece of wood, yanked it out, something you would do. this would make cool candle holders. you see stuff like this in anthropology for $200. take your drill, not going to hurt you. it will shoot out, so big careful, all right? you get enough depth -- you want to try this at all? >> no, thanks. >> sure? >> thanks for asking. >> deep enough for one of these tea lights in here. >> that's perfect. >> don't do this with children. >> this is not a kid-friendly project, but this is. this is a different way to display holiday photos taking an old recycled frame and used an
2:45 am
oak drawer liner. that's not even real wood. you like that, huh? twine, photos, ornaments, there you have it. >> not that one. >> how many times has all this been done? you have to get new twists. >> i agree. how's that little one of yours? >> fantastic. >> have a great holiday with him. >> appreciate it. their name says it all, means flight, a soaring live performance by the three teenagers. are they still teenagers? they're from italy. they are adorable. we feel we discovered them. >> we did, right after this. good morning. looking across the country today, we're going to see a system bring some snow to parts of the northeast. some areas could get a few inches. many spots the cold air is not freezing cold, so it's not a slam dunk snow situation, but
2:46 am
some areas where you get away from the water, there will be some accumulating snow. looking at the west here, going to be a big push of rain and very wet, especially in central and northern california, southern oregon for the second half of the week. cold air remains to the north. high temperature, 30 degrees in minneapolis. that's going to be it. we're going to see quiet weather return to much of the east coast and the south. mild air building in. 70 degrees in dallas. 60 in kansas city. the west stays unsettled here as we'll see rain and snow through the higher elevations in idaho. quiet for most areas. 2/3 of the country will be quiet on friday. there will be a chance for showers around the lakes and parts of east texas and louisiana and the extreme southern portion of florida. saturday, still the west here
2:47 am
going to stay unsettled and the great lakes with a chance of showers. northeast, highs in the low to mid 40s. mild if not warm in the south. houston to dallas, upper 70s. unsettled in the pacific northwest. on sunday, still more of the same for the west. still a chance for rain. this goes down to the central and southern parts of california, a chance of few showers. more rain for the northeast. weekdays on the weather channel, you can wake up with al and stephanie. gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know members it.congress. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newscaster:breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties!? with cake! and presents!
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the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. they may have been made in italy, but the singing trio il volo is working on conquering the united states. >> they just finished their run performing with barbara streisand, and i saw them.
2:50 am
their second cd is in stores right now called "we are love." and they are -- >> we are il volo. >> one of you has lost 70 pounds. >> what happened? barely recognize you. >> yes, yes. i'm starting to eat better. >> you're starting? >> yes. >> wow, you look great. >> can you believe what's happened? this second cd is doing well, just dropped yesterday, yeah? >> it's great. >> how is it being on stage with barbara streisand? >> always been our dream singing with big stars in the world, singing with barbara streisand is an honor and pleasure. barbara is barbara. >> she was pleased to be with il volo. what are you singing for us? >> here they are, il volo. love to say that. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [ applause ] >> we love you guys! tune in for our show on christmas eve, everybody, the guys are going to have another performance for us. >> you can also catch them at the rockefeller christmas tree lighting on wednesday night. you are going to be singing 8:00/7:00 central on nbc. >> thanks, guys. we love you. we love them. we'll be back with more of "today." where, hoda? >> on nbc. >> there you go. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold... i took dayquil, but i still have a runny nose.
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today is the first day of our 19th annual holiday toy drive. every year we work with more than 200 family charities all over the united states to make the holidays brighter for children in need. >> one of our partners is 31 gifts. its founder and ceo is here with two helpers. >> so nice to see you, this is your second time with us, right? >> been here a couple times. >> tell us about the gifts you guys are giving. >> we have several gifts, some gifts for teens and the mom. real functional items, back packs, sacks, things like that. we give to over 75 different organizations. what's also exciting about 31 is
2:59 am
we have thousands of our sales reps that are actually the elves that help the toy drives take some of the products. we not only give the products, but we help deliver them. that's a blessing. >> what's it mean to you guys to be a part of it? >> we are just so blessed. it's such an amazing opportunity to be able to give back and have an impact, no matter how big or small. >> look what good kids you raise. >> are you as nice as your sister? >> thank you, guys, so much. >> happy holidays. god bless you all. >> donate gifts on our plaza until december 21st. please, help out. >> have a great day. god bless. jeff: criminal mind and his match making mom. >> i'm looking for the mother of my grandchildren. >> i don't mind being daddy

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